Think Well Program

  Did you know that your mental wellness can directly affect your physical wellness, and vice versa? Our Think Well program comprises Counselling and Sleep Therapy to help you address stress, sleep hygiene, anxiety, depression, family relationships, life transitions, bereavement, and more. 
Your counsellor will provide a supportive, judgment-free environment and help you build a unique plan to start seeing the changes you are looking for. Depending on your goals and presenting concerns, your counsellor will use various therapy approaches that will work best for you, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based approaches. 
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
CBT approaches mental health with the understanding that often, the way we perceive a situation (our own interpretation) has a bigger impact on how we feel than the situation itself. CBT helps you identify unhelpful thinking styles and how these impact how we feel and how we behave. CBT is an evidence-based approach that has been shown to be particularly effective in addressing anxiety and depression.
Mindfulness-Based Therapy
Mindfulness is “awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally” – Jon Kabat-Zinn (Professor and founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). Mindfulness-based therapy aims to increase awareness of our mental processes and build skills to acknowledge, accept, and then release negative thoughts and emotion. Research on mindfulness-based therapies has flourished in recent years, and though it originated as a spiritual Buddhist practice, it is now a secular “brain exercise” that can be integrated into other spiritualties if preferred. Mindfulness has also been shown to be helpful in managing chronic pain and other physical health concerns.
Insomnia Program
The Evolution Sleep Program is designed to assist those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep- inhibitors. Modeled using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the Evolution Sleep Program will assess your sleep habits and utilize behavioral and cognitive sleep-training techniques to improve your sleep quickly and effectively.
The Program is designed to help people sleep better in an individual or group setting. An experienced sleep professional will guide you through the course of the program. These professionals will utilize their experience and expertise to assist each and every client in reaching their goal of better sleep.
The Evolution Sleep Program monitors your sleep in two distinct and non-invasive ways: The first method involves a day-by-day subjective impression of one’s own night of sleep known as a Sleep Diary. By utilizing this Sleep Diary, individuals can monitor their progress throughout the course of the Program. The second method uses a simple diagnostic device intended to monitor certain physiological parameters during sleep. This method of monitoring sleep provides objective information that is also used to monitor improvement throughout the course of the Program. The combination of subjective and objective monitoring is a fundamental element to the Evolution Sleep Program
Gwyneth Hodgins, MSW RSW is a registered Social Worker providing counselling services at Rosedale Wellness Centre. She holds a Hons. BSc in Psychology with a minor in Buddhism, Psychology, and Mental Health from the University of Toronto. She completed her Master of Social Work at the University of Toronto, and since then has worked with a wide range of populations and presenting concerns. Most recently, she has worked with an Employee Assistance Program providing immediate crisis counselling, and at a university doing longer-term therapy with students. She works from a client-centred approach, starting where you are and focusing on *your* goals. She welcomes and supports clients from all cultures, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual orientations. 
Sleep Therapy
Aaron Arkin began studying sleep in 1998, and has spent his entire career in various capacities in the sleep industry. He first became interested in sleep through the Psychology program at Trent University, and specialized in the relationship between Sleep, Learning, and Memory. After graduation, Aaron earned registry status as a polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT). From there, Aaron entered the Graduate Program at the University of Southern Mississippi in Experimental Psychology, where he continued his research into the relationship between Sleep, Learning, and Memory.
Following Graduate School, Aaron was hired by the company responsible for the SANDMAN sleep diagnostic product as its Canadian sleep specialist. This allowed him to travel across Canada and visit every sleep laboratory. After several years of helping to set up sleep laboratories across Canada, Aaron decided to develop a program that helps patients with behavioural sleep issues – primarily, insomnia. The Evolution Sleep program was born and has been helping people sleep better since 2013!
Aaron is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)