Success Story

I was was working in Toronto from February through August of 2013 and visited Dr. Sher in April regarding some discomfort in the upper back and shoulder area.  I had been seeing a chiropractor casually in Vancouver for about a decade which had always helped mitigate any back pain and I was hoping Dr. Sher would be able to help me during my stay in Toronto.


When I saw Dr. Sher, he asked if he could take some x-rays of my back.  When I came in to review the x-rays with Dr. Sher he informed me that I had what he called a "military neck" -- a straightening of the cervical spine.  The cervical spine, he said, is meant to arc back in a gentle curve but mine was straight.  This resulted in some early osteoarthritis, the compression of spinal disks and a forward hanging of my head by 29 millimetres.  He said that this condition is common and is often brought on by too much time spent seated prone at a desk, staring at a computer.  He also said that it was progressive condition that, unless I did something about it, would only grow worse.


We embarked immediately on a program of chiropractic bio-physics -- basically frequent chiropractic adjustments, physio sessions (usually alternating soft tissue work with gym sessions learning core exercises) and wearing a traction brace for fifteen or twenty minutes at a time several days per week.  I supplemented this with some advice from the in-house naturopath regarding nutrition and diet as well as a series of weekly acupuncture sessions for the pain.  At work, I did what I could to improve my desk posture, move around more and stretch when possible.


In late August, prior to my return home to Vancouver, Dr. Sher took new x-rays.  Again, I was shocked.  Only this time I was shocked that, as a lay person, even I could clearly see the improvement in my cervical spine.  There was the beginning of that nice gentle curve and my head was clearly not hanging forward as much as it had been four months earlier.  In fact, where it hung forward by 29 millimetres in April, it was hanging forward only by 9 in August.  Egad!  This treatment works.


I am back in Vancouver as I write this, continuing this treatment with a local practitioner.  In due time, my cervical spine will be shaped once again as it was meant to be and my head will be riding high on my shoulders.  I'm much more comfortable than I have been in ages.


I have followed up with treatment for the sleep apnea since arriving home -- basically, I just needed a CPAP machine -- and I've been sleeping soundly and completely snore free ever since, something that my wife can appreciate too!


I'm not finished with the treatment yet, I still have some aches and pains but there's no denying that my spine and my quality of life has improved greatly since meeting Dr. Sher and working with his staff at Rosedale.  I'm living proof.  I would recommend this program to anyone experiencing the kind of back troubles I was.  Just stick with the program prescribed by Dr. Sher: do the treatments and stick with it.  Do the exercises.  Wear the brace.  It's not that hard.


John Barbisan



John Barbisan
John Barbisan